• Q-1: Do you use DRM?
  • NO, WE DO NOT USE DRM. All of our movies are DRM free.

  • Q-3: Can I view my movie on another PC?
  • Yes, you can watch watch our movies on another PC.

  • Q-4: How come I can hear the movie, but I can't see it?
  • Check to make sure that you have the Windows Media Player properly installed. We recommend that you download the latest version of the Windows Media Player. Get if for FREE at:

    Download Windows Media Player Vol.11

  • Q-5: How come my movie doesn't play smoothly?
  • Your computer may not reach our system requirement. Please see our "System Requirement."

  • Q-6: I have a MAC, how can I play your movies?
  • You can use Windows Media Player for Macintosh. However, Microft no longer provide future updates or product support for Windows Media Players for MAC. So we recommend you to use alternative program called, "FLIP4MAC." FLIP4MAC provides Windows Media Video playback in the Quick Time Player for MAC.

    Download FLIP4MAC from here - (download page will open in a new window)

  • Q-7: Do I have to be connected to the Internet to watch a movie?
  • No, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to watch our movies.

  • Q-8: Can I burn my downloaded movies to CDs or DVDs?
  • Yes, you can save and store your movies to CDs or DVDs for PRIVATE USE.

  • Q-9: How can I watch videos on iPhone/iPad?
  • There're basically 2 ways to watch movie on your iPhone and iPad. One is to copy downloaded movie file into your device. Other is to host your video server via local network or over internet.

    First of all, from your download page, please download H.264 or H.264HD video file. Since they're iPhone/iPad ready, you don't need to convert them to play on your iPhone or iPad.

    1ST METHOD: Use Itunes to Transfer Video File

    If you don't have iTunes installed on your PC,
    please click the link below to download it from the Apple website

    Get iTunes (FREE)

    STEP 1 : Add downloaded movies to your iTunes

    After downloading your purchased video files, start your "iTunes" and import videos into your iTunes. You can go to File > Add File to Library to import target movies from output folder into iTunes. Or just drag and drop the movie into iTunes.

    STEP 2 : Transfer your video to iPhone/iPad

    There are several ways to transfer video to your iPhone/iPad through iTunes after it's connected with your computer via USB cable.

    1) Press the Sync button under Summary tab. This will sync the videos as well as other items like music and photos.
    2) Under Movies tab, select Sync movies > All movies, and press Sync button;
    3) Under Movies tab, select Sync movies > Selected movies, choose the video in the pane, and press Sync button.

    STEP 3 : Check your videos

    After transfering video files, check your videos on your iPhone/iPad. For iPhone, go to iPod then Videos. As for iPad, simply tap the video icon.

    2nd METHOD: Stream video to your iPhone/iPad using AIR VIDEO

    Air Video is a great solution to playing your on your iPhone/iPad without transfering video files. It will do this both over your home Wi-Fi network and 3G. As long as your computer is on at home, you have full access to your Japorn collections, and they take up NO space on your iPhone/iPad!

    First of all, please install AIR VIDEO to your iPhone/iPad.
    Air video is available as a FREE or FULL VERSION.
    Free version limits the number of files being displayed.

    Check out the FREE version.

    STEP 1: Install Air Video Server to your PC (FREE)

    First step is to visit the Air Video website and install the server software to your PC. This is totally FREE.Download Air Video server software from

    STEP 2: Select Video Folder on your PC

    Once the Air Video server is running, add folders that you want to share from the "Shared Folders." Browse to the location of the videos you want to stream. If you have videos in your iTunes playlists, you can also share those playlists.

    STEP 3: Remote Setting for 3G/Wi-Fi

    Click on the Remote tab to "Enable Access from Internet (Experimental)". This option will give you a PIN that you can enter later when you set up your iPhone App to connect from a 3G or wifi hot spot. If you have set up Air Video server and added video directories, a local wifi will automatically find the local computers and their video directories. Therefore, the Remote settings is very important as it will allow you to access those video files from a public wifi or from 3G/Edge networks.

    STEP 5: Access to video files on your PC

    When you start the App, tap the Plus button at the top left to add a server or a computer that has all your videos. Simply enter the server PIN that was given to you in the Desktop preferences in above step. After the server is added you can browse its folders. Now select one of the folders you added to the Shared Folders tab on the Air Video Server.

    iPhone view

    iPad view

    STEP 5: Play your video!

    After you select the video you want to watch, tap "PLAY." If your video is not in H.264 format, tap on "Play with Live Conversion", and you can watch the video while it's being converted to an iPhone/iPad friendly format. It only takes a moment for your video to start. You will be able to watch it while it's converting in the background and have basic video player controls.  Tap this icon for Full Screen View

    iPhone view

    iPad view

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